Although I hardly consider myself South American, I was born in Caracas and lived there for a while. My family moved to Puerto Rico before I started elementary school, so all my education and academic formation took place there, on that candid country that has given me each and every opportunity. The best of both worlds is imprinted in who I am, and I’m grateful.

When I reached middle school, I was pretty serious about becoming an engineer, and I would’ve been, if it hadn’t been for my father, who talked me into attending the architecture summer workshop. I sold my soul the day I set foot on University of Puerto Rico’s School of Architecture. One year later I was admitted, three and a half years after I would receive my Bachelors of Environmental Design (BED)  certificate during winter graduation. I also received the Summa Cum Laude distinction.

This fall I’ll join the Graduate School of Architecture and Planning at MIT, to which I was admitted recently, so I’m excited to see what’s down the road.

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