Sneak Preview : Building Slices III

Sneak Preview of New project

Building Slices III

So what if instead of a bipolar conception (only two extremes) we wanted to use multiple points of attraction on the Geometry’s surface to control the ribs? I propose that one may choose any three (3) points on the surface of the Geometry to generate three different fields that operate on it, pulling on each other to find equilibrium and dividing the surface. This divides my Grasshopper algorithm in three parts:

Geometry Analysis___ how do you find the proper guidelines to apply the structure on? How do you divide the surface according to centroid, points of interest, volume of Geometry?
Digestion___ this stays pretty much the same way. I used the same code as in Building Slices II

Fabrication___now you need to unfold the parts and set them to laser-cut them into the real world

Capture02 Capture03


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