Corral Urbano

work setting | third year

professor | javier isado

How do you tackle a housing project in the middle of a shrinking city that, at the same time, has the greatest potential for growth? What is the most suitable type of housing alternative for the actual market?

courtyard, balcony, community

This URBAN COURTYARD project focuses on generating a sense of comfortable communities or clusters that share a common social space within a bigger housing complex. The hanging corridors that provide access to all units unify the idea of walkable community. But what I think is the greatest attribute of this project is its capability for change according to density and needs. The structure provides for growth of a single unit, or for shrinkage (single studio unit to four-five bedroom unit). It is only a matter of adding the stairs… In theory, a property owner could buy an adjacent unit (above or sideways) and incorporate it to the first.

35579562-Pages_from_vivienda_final_parkings_1_3 35579510-board_densidad_strip_24_x_14 35579577-vivienda_final_cortes vivienda final parkings 1 35579557-Pages_from_vivienda_final_parkings_1_2 35579505-board_del_proyecto 35579548-board_massing_y_site_24_x_36 35579537-board_final_TIPO_pdf


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