Redo Tower

work setting | second year

professor | manuel colón + edgardo pérez

design team | alexis estrada + danniely staback

notes | acsa steel competition

REDO Tower was an urban intervention in the city of Santurce, Puerto Rico, where the poorest slums of the metropolis face the left-out communities and also a wealthy industrial sector. Our tower wanted to attract homeless people of the area and offer them basic services from the first floor up. The more committed they got into the program, the more benefits they would obtain (recreation, temple, a theater, dinning room). In the top floors, the tower offers social housing. It is a metaphor in itself, about commitment from both parts of society in an attempt to make it better. As you climb the tower, you get closer to the goal.

building analysis transverse section longitudinal section 30982236-redo5 ?????????????? ?????????????? 43927059-boards_finales-06 43926994-boards_finales-05


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