Building Slices II

This project is a continuation of a previous attempt to analyze geometries with the goal of fabricating and assembling the parts, while being able to control the attributes of the parts. With this definition,  built entirely in Grasshopper for Rhino, I am able to manipulate the amount of divisor levels, the amount of vertices (understanding that the more vertices you allow, the more accuracy there will be with the initial geometry), the depth of the ribs and their position (internal or external), the overlapping assembly tab between pieces, and the hollowness of the arch, for controlling the amount of material perforated from the parts.

For a later revision of this subject, I would like to incorporate structural analysis and gravitational charges in the elaboration of these parametric, assembled models. Check out Building Slices III for an update on this project.vectors for process 01_carlitos-03vectors for process 01_carlitos-04vectors for process 01_carlitos-05vectors for process 01_carlitos-07vectors for process 01_carlitos-08vectors for process 01_carlitos-06  DSCN4294DSCN4314DSCN4315DSCN4321


Although it wasn’t meant to be a lamp-making initiative, I couldn’t help to give in to the temptation. Hope to launch the first prototype to the market soon.


3 responses to “Building Slices II

      • Your welcome. At the moment im working on a group project at uni to design a roadside gateway into a city. The brief has just been changed slightly and now the Gateway is a kind of Border crossing. Grasshopper is required for the studio and is a huge learning curve (first time Ive used it). I’m sure ill post some work up soon!

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