San Juan: Intra | Extra Muro

work setting | fourth year, competition studio

professor | francisco rodríguez (dean) + carlos garcía

design team |irene fajardo + jorel sánchez + nicole ferrer + yannick lay + christian ortiz  + danniely staback

submitted |september 2012

notes | we received the highest prize awarded

presentation board

presentation board

presentation board

presentation board

Before making any assertive advance on this project, a lot had to be thought of. We worked on the idea for many hours until it all made sense and drew the right feeling. Afterwards, all sketches, analysis, and renders came about in real harmony. We even prepared a video showing how everything would work, from propaganda to the actual exhibition.

The competition, sponsored by the CAAPPR (Architects and Landscape Architects Association of Puerto Rico) and other institutions, called for ideas about an exhibition to be held on the historic building Casa Blanca, in Old San Juan, past home of Puerto Rico’s first governor, Juan Ponce de León. This exhibition had to approach the topic of San Juan, in general, and be an attractive, educational site for tourists and schools. The following is an excerpt from the project description.

San Juan: Intra | Extra Muro is the result of questioning the presence of the wall in the historic city of San Juan. The millitary origin of the city has been well studied, however, this massive, protective wall and the shielded city are only perceived as fragments when walking through San Juan, although it is because of that wall that the city takes its shape and its history.

We took as a premise a series of analysis about the San Juan Islet and its boundaries, its existing and in-existing lines, and its development through time, to put together an exhibition that would best evoke the wall, and its intangible trace, that could be understood from inside the space ( in this case, Casa Blanca Museum), and not the outside. It pursues just looking, but in an introspective manner on which the wall turns inward on itself, to the intramural. We suggest a dematerialized wall that can only be understood as a whole  from a distance, but that as one gets nearer, disappears, because it really is not there, in Casa Blanca, but outside, guarding the city.


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