Puertas de Corserolla

work setting |summer design studio at Elisava Scola Superior de Disseny

professor| edgardo arroyo + mauro costa + miguel miranda (visiting)

design team| alfredo lópez + danniely staback

note|the third part of the project, exploration on building design, took place as an individual effort in the University of Puerto Rico

45698696-L_08 45698948-R_16

The aim of this project is to create a logical algorithm based on Grasshopper that allows us to approach every one of the Puertas de Corserolla, taking in consideration each’s condition, population, vacant space and built space. A perfect blending of the city and the mountain, or Transnaturalization, implies balancing out the green with the built, bringing down the mountain and taking the city up. These developments will gently comb Corserolla, becoming less aggressive the further they move into the reserve, until they become as smallest.


pinup final parte 01-04

Here we identify the site location among all the options give.

The grasshopper generated algorithm below illustrates how a formula can be established about the balance between commercial, housing, empty and green areas, in the way passive transport would occur in cells.  For each of the six settings, the premise is different, consequently, the outcome or suggested solution. The first row shows relationships were the green space of the mountain dominates. The algorithm suggests and alternate redistribution of area, including green space in the city, and balancing out the empty space, commercial space, and housing space as well. Since we wouldn’t want all of the housing, commercial and green spaces to happen at once, on the same spot, the third bar articulates them while keeping the same total area for each. The second row simulates a relationship where the city dominates. Thus, it moves up the mountain, diluting the boundaries .

pinup final parte 01-05

algorithms of balance

pinup final parte 01-07

snapshots of the densification algorithm

pinup final parte 01-06

pinup final parte 01-11

integrating green space in the algorithm


pinup final parte 01-09

catalogue of algorithmic variations to the main prism

pinup final parte 01-10

sizes, shapes and rotations of units for each programf


LA SECCION 2004.2-01


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