Koti Muuri: ARA-Home 2049 Housing Design Competition

work setting | fourth year

professor | francisco rodríguez (dean) + carlos garcía

design team | christian ortíz + jorel sánchez + danniely staback

note | this project received upper class mention

This was a very complex project. A huge part of the challenge was to succeed communicating all the project’s intentions, details, and virtues.

maqueta presentacion 02-01 maqueta presentacion 02-03 maqueta presentacion 02-02 maqueta presentacion 02-04

We studied the urban densities of different well known cities and decided to match the highest magnitude of inhabitants per square kilometer within our site, while providing a better quality of individual and community life. The result is a high density urban landmark, ready to host all kinds of activity.

The approach to the site was simple : to concentrate the density of the program on the peripheral region. The central part of the project is a multifunctional open park. It serves as setting for diverse activities, like sports, crowd meetings, concerts, children playgrounds, etc. Also, the landscaping and natural settings are appropriate for just strolling around.

Some of the existing buildings remain as production sites that could employ the inhabitants of the complex, keeping the memory of Sopenkorpi’s industrial past. The products could be exported through the railway system from this new industrial city.

The layers of circulation, which flow as spontaneously as the main structure  provide access to the whole of the site. One of these layers is a collective transportation system that connects users from the farthest points appart.


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