AC-CA Pacific Prison

work setting | fourth year, competition studio

professor | francisco rodríguez (dean) + carlos garcía

design team |nicole ferrer + danniely staback

submitted |february 2013


20130209_background board

ISOLATION . Although it is the first and most strongly perceived condition of this prison, isolation has been proven to cause mental illness and to worsen convicts’ behavior. To take advantage of this setting, we turned this prison into an positive exile where prisoners can be struck by the presence of sky and sea and react to it. By emphasizing and promoting a meditative and reflexive state of mind, this prison intends to HEAL, not merely punish.

In order to re-shape each inmate’s character, aid in their development, and promote a  productive curiosity, they will have access to an open-sky observatory and an underwater library. These, along with other education programs and vocational workshops, will help make the most out of the site, both spiritually and mentally.

20130209_plantas 01-02 20130209_plantas 01-03 20130209_plantas 01-04 20130209_plantas 01-05 20130209_plantas 01-06 20130209_plantas 01-07 20130209_plantas 01-08 20130209_plantas 01-09


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